Halima Koroma


This experience was so much fun. Claudio our guide was so knowledgeable and a very nice guy. The wines are all delicious and the vineyard is beautiful

Marquês dos Vales

RED Selecta

This primarily red-coloured wine also presents streaks of purple to the eye. On the nose you’ll experience a combination of spices, cocoa and ripe plums. A full-bodied wine, with slight notes of toast, herbs and assorted red fruits. The balanced acidity results in a notably balanced finish.

WHITE Selecta

This light straw-coloured wine is exuberant in the nose, with tropical fruits and notes of green tea. The combination of a balanced acidity and citric hints reveals great freshness and minerality.

Rosé Selecta

This pale cherry-pink rose wine has notes of fresh red fruits. On the palate it is clean, with vivid acidity. It is light and refreshing, with hints of cherries.


Ruby coloured, with aromas of wild berries such as blueberry and blackberry. In the mouth, fruity with herbal nuances and a mild toast. Balanced acidity with well integrated tannins and a persistent finish.


This light straw-coloured wine has a nose of white fruits and quinces. Creamy, unctuous, has good structure and subtle notes of toast and oak. The finish is long but elegant.

Rosé Duo

This bright pink wine has a nose of red fruits paired with herbal notes. In the mouth the wine has notes of fresh strawberries, with a notable acidity and pleasant salinity.

RED Grace Vineyard

A wine in garnet colour with copper hues. Aroma with notes of ripe red fruit and black forest fruit. In the mouth rich and complex, with tannins of great quality and elegance, where the light toast and smoke are complemented by jam fruits and spices, with a long and persistent finish.

RED Grace Touriga Nacional

It is a deep coloured ruby wine, where the typical varietal aromas of violets stand out. On the nose it is spicy with aromas of cherry and chocolate. On the palate it presents great structure, notes of cherry and dark chocolate, round tannins and a long and persistent finish.

RED Grace Touriga Franca

Dark opaque wine, violet in colour, with aromas of wild berries and broom. In the mouth it presents notes of red fruit,with hints of spices noticeable in the finish. Delicate structure, with fine and polished tannins.

WHITE Grace Vineyard

This light straw-coloured wine presents streaks of green to the eye. In the nose a combination of white currant and lemongrass-tea is prevalent. A good acidity as well as subtle notes of oak come together to give the wine a persistent and elegant finish.

WHITE Grace Viognier

This light straw-coloured wine presents streaks of gold to the eye. In the nose you’ll notice fruits such as mango and tangerine, which are paired with a balanced acidity and some salinity. A well-structured wine with a persistent finish.

RED Grande Escolha

A blend composed of three noble varieties, with deep ruby colour and a spicy profile. On the nose it reveals aromas of dark fruits, such as plums, and some herbaceous notes. On the palate it’s very complex, with great structure, rich tannins, elegance and a long and persistent finish.


RED Ursus

On the nose there are aromas of red fruit and spices, with a hint of toast, black pepper and herbal notes. In the mouth the notes of forest fruit and toast are accompanied by a light freshness. Rounded, but surprisingly striking, tannins combine well with a persistent finish.


This light straw-coloured wine has a tropical nose with notes of green tea. The combination of acidity and citrus gives the wine a great freshness as well as minerality.

Rosé Ursus

This cherry-pink wine has a nose of red fruits. A fresh wine with good acidity, it is refreshing and light.

WHITE Dialog

Lemon in colour and very aromatic wine, with fruity notes of peach and loquat. On the palate it has a strong minerality accompanied by a good acidity. The finish is long and remarkable.


This pale pink-coloured wine presents a nose of raspberry and strawberry jam. A fresh and light wine, with notes of fruit such as pomegranate, with a pronounced acidity and refreshing finish.

ROSÉ Night

Shades of red cherry in its colour and predominant aromas of berries, namely strawberry and dark cherry. On the palate it offers a balanced acidity, good volume and a remarkable finish.

RED Dialog

Cherry colour with garnet hues. Slight notes of anis seed as well as red fruits and green peppers. In the mouth elegant, with a rich taste of ripe red fruits, pepper and a hint of honey and notes of toast, due to its ageing in high quality oak barrels. A persistent but very elegant finish.


RED Elegant Grace

Purple coloured wine with violet hues. Its aroma is fresh and exuberant, with floral notes. In the mouth it has young but elegant tannins and the presence of wild berries and red fruit. Medium and smooth finish.

RED Grace Syrah-Viognier

This ruby-coloured wine reveals a slightly spicy profile with fruity and floral aromas. Notes of black pepper, cherry and some mint are noticeable. On the palate it presents good structure, notable acidity and well-integrated tannins. Its finish is complex, pleasant and persistent.

RED Wanted

This shade of red is so dark it almost reaches black. Fittingly, the primary aroma experienced in the nose is of mature forest fruits, paired with subtle notes of ginger. A powerfully fullbodied wine that manages to pair intensity with elegance. Notes of black plum and spices, most notably pepper.

WHITE Grace Syrah Blanc de Noir

This primarily silver-coloured wine also shows streaks of straw colour to the eye. With a spicy and citric nose, the wine is mineral and fresh, with a pleasantly subtle finish.

WHITE Grace Arinto

This straw-coloured wine reveals a lot of fruit on the nose, where aromas of citrus, such as ripe tangerine, are dominant. In the mouth it is citric, with a well-integrated acidity, good structure and a long, persistent finish.

WHITE Grace Alicante Bouschet

This primarily silver-coloured wine also presents streaks of green to the eye. A clean nose of aromatic herbs as well as jasmine is paired with a balanced acidity and notes of spices.

WHITE Castelão Blanc de Noir

Produced from the Castelão grape variety, very versatile, it is a pale yellow wine with prominent herbaceous and floral notes, aromas of green apple, balanced acidity and a refreshing finish.

WHITE Syrah Blanc de Noir

On the nose it is very delicate, with aromas of red fruit such as raspberry and strawberry. In the mouth it is spicy, creamy, with good freshness and a pleasant finish.

ROSÉ Grace Pinot Noir

This pink-coloured wine also presents notes of orange to the eye. A notably dry wine, in the nose with hints of magnolia and cinnamon. While in the mouth notes of forest fruits are prevalent, with a controlled acidity and an elegant and smooth finish.

Fortified Touriga Nacional

Ruby colored wine with complex aromas of dried fruits like raisins and figs. In the mouth sweet, well balanced with soft tannins and a long, persistent finish.