Algarve-based winery Quinta dos Vales has introduced The Vines, a brand-new resort of holiday homes located in the heart of the renowned wine estate just minutes from numerous beaches. In June 2021, the doors of the resort opened with just 16 stand-alone houses, each comprising 2 independent villa suites.

Each villa suite features one bedroom, a bathroom with a walk-in shower, an open-plan kitchen and living room, as well as a private terrace adjacent to a cozy private relaxation area. The balance of interior to exterior area suits the concept of buy-to-let vacation homes, as vacationers in the Algarve tend to spend the majority of their time outside.
For the first time, the estate is offering private individuals the possibility to purchase property on its grounds…

Twenty-three of the villa suites have been already sold, and a further nine are waiting for their new owners. Prices start at 209,000 euros. A combination of two such suites even fulfils the requirements of Portugal’s Golden Visa program, allowing residency and visa-free travel within Europe.If you’re a fan of beach holidays in places like South Beach, Florida, you should take a look at what the Algarve has
to offer… Friendly people, a fascinating and welcoming culture, great Mediterranean food, some of the best wine in the world, and more.

The Vines - Algarve Wine Resort

The best part: all this is available at a fraction of the cost of a beach holiday in the States. Try something new, and odds are you’ll be back every year.

Quinta dos Vales has established itself as one of the cultural reference points of the region. The estate is the leading winery in the Algarve, which was originally founded with the dual focus of wine and art.

It has since extended its offering to also focus on interactive wine experiences, with the epitome being their new project, The Winemaker Experience.

The Vines offers a turn-key buy-to-let solution, which allows the owners to reap the benefits of owning a holiday home, even including a three-year rental guarantee— but with the operational management delegated to the estate’s team.


Owners are given the option to combine a holiday home with a small, privately owned vineyard as well…

The Winemaker Experience is a unique project that sees wine-lovers become winemakers, each with their own vineyard plot, for a fraction of the investment normally needed to purchase a winery.

Attracting clients from the Swiss Alps to South Beach, the project, which can be managed remotely, puts wine-lovers in control of their own production, without the stress and hassle of starting a commercial operation.

Usually, owning a small vineyard would be considered a luxury pastime, a dream for any wine-lover if not for the high costs. This one-of-a-kind project offers the possibility of realizing that dream at an affordable price while still making a profit.

The Vines - Wine

By purchasing both a vineyard and a holiday home, wine-lovers can get the best of both worlds, as a luxury lifestyle investment is suddenly converted into a return-generating asset-based investment.

Plus, it’s more profitable and more fun than any bank investment available these days.

The Winemaker Experience is an exciting new adventure. Choose the grape varieties, watch the grapes grow, be part
of the harvest, follow the fermentation and barrel ageing, and finally blend the wine.

With Quinta dos Vales’ Winemaking Experience, you can become a part of Portuguese history and help guide the
country’s wine into a bright future.

The opportunity to own a vineyard and have access to state-of-the-art winemaking facilities is extraordinary
already. That your experience takes place in the sunny Algarve makes it even more special.

An honest wine is made in the vineyards, not in the winery. With this in mind, Quinta dos Vales has designed this
unique winemaking experience that allows you to rent or buy a vineyard planted with grown, fruit-yielding vines, tended by the expert team.

You can’t ask for better consultants— the team knows the region like the backs of their hands, and their expertise is
backed up by a growing list of medals, awards, and distinctions.

You get to select the grape variety you wish to work with, participate in the harvest, take part in the vinification
process, and finally assemble the ultimate blend yourself, to guarantee that the final wine is perfectly structured to your taste.

You have freedom in regard to the wine’s ageing process, with any of the barrels in Quinta Dos Vales’ premium
cellar at your disposal. Their motto is: your wine, your rules.

Making your own wine is a life-changing experience that will give you a unique insight into the intricacies that
make winemaking both science and art.

You’ll never see wine in the same way, and you’ll forever be known as an authentic winemaker. You can’t put a price on that. The combination of a villa suite plus small vineyard starts at 266,500 euros.

Karl Stock, founder and owner of the wine estate, explains: “We were adamant that before going live with the promotion of The Winemaker Experience it had to be perfectly fine-tuned.

The Winemaker - Barrels

“As soon as the marketing activities started, the client-reaction was immediate, the number of private winemakers has almost doubled already. Investing in both the vineyard and the buy-to-let solution, clients have the opportunity to sit on their own terrace overlooking their privately owned vineyard, drink their own wine, which is more than paid for from their rental returns.”

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