Ever since the Antique period, late Middle-Ages and early Renaissance, wine has a cornerstone of celebrations.

It is no wonder that the existence of vineyards is essential to produce as much wine as possible since it is innate for us to celebrate every important milestone. Who wouldn’t want to commemorate significant days, right? That is precisely the reason why there is a rising trend of couples who consider hosting their wedding amongst the vines. Wineries are an excellent idea for a wedding venue for the following reasons:



Destination weddings are generally worth anyone’s while because they are simply more memorable for both the couples and their guests. These celebrations feel like being on a trip, but the only downside of this is that most locations can be too remote to the point of inconvenient. But that does not have to be the case. There are locations that provide both intimacy as well as accessibility, such as the Quinta dos Vales winery. Visitors can easily find this well-located winery in the central Algarve and have a wedding amidst of vineyards, more importantly – with affordable flight connections.



People often think that winery weddings cost a lot of money because of how breath-taking they look, but at Quinta dos Vales, lovebirds actually get excellent value for money. In fact, they offer several venues for couples to choose from, so they can have more options. With this, they can select a spot that they can afford, without missing out on the beauty and ambience of the estate.

Indoor and Outdoor Setting 

Many engaged couples see themselves getting married or celebrating their love in an outdoor setting, under the glimmering starry sky. However, there is another perspective that must be considered – the comfort. Some may feel uncomfortable under the scorching heat of the sun, or worse, soaking wet in case of a downpour. But in essence, that is the beauty of choosing a winery – more flexibility. Couples can choose to have a wedding amidst the vines, but also have the option of a covered terrace, such as the Panoramic Terrace & Tasting Room of Quinta dos Vales.


Turn your special day into a vacation

Couples often exhaust themselves during all the wedding preparation, and that fact alone makes them need a vacation. Wineries are a great way for them to have a break exactly where the wedding is going to be hosted. Not only does this save them more money and time, but wine resorts can provide them with a cosy experience. The Quinta dos Vales has accommodations that can easily accommodate large groups. They have 32 villa suites in their latest addition, The Vines, plus several houses, so that all the guests can stay close to one another. In addition to that, they also have entertainment facilities for couples and their wedding guests (5 pools, tennis, paddle, boule, mini golf and inumerous golf courses nearby).


Everything in One Place

There are only several venues that fit a ceremony as well as a reception; one of them is a winery. The flexibility of its environment can fit all parts of the wedding. This relieves couples from all the hassle of moving from one location to another. More importantly, it also helps them save so much more by not renting out another place for the reception. Another plus is how these wineries also offer the best possible catering services featuring culinary delights, always paired with their own wines of course!

Gorgeous Views

It is always a unique experience to have stunning vineyard-contoured slopes as a backdrop for wedding portraits. Not only do wineries give endless photo location options, but they also provide gorgeous views for the newlyweds and their guests to enjoy during their wedding amidst the vines.


Cosy yet Elegant

A winery can provide the perfect balance between a rustic feel and elegant look. One can easily host the special day combined with wine tastings or bottle-blending workshops, to make it more casual. It is a wedding celebration that does not require trying so hard as the place already speaks for itself. The quintessential fact is that there is an opportunity to experience the best of both worlds, a laid back feel and an undeniably chic aura that only a vineyard venue can offer.


Amazing Ambience

Couples are offered the opportunity to truly get a feel for this tranquil ambience ahead of the big day, during the preparation phase of the wedding. There is even the option for couples to blend their own wine 1 year in advance, with their very own label. This allows them to serve their own wine during the wedding day, as well as leave them with a tangible reminder of the tranquillity they felt. This mixture of romance, sophistication, peacefulness and happiness makes for unforgettable memories. Feelings that newlyweds would want to have in their celebration. It’s like being transported into their own little world when they host the wedding amidst the vines. Not to mention how it infuses the air with so much love in a mysterious yet remarkable way.


Great food and wine pairings

Another element which elevates and personalises the experience is the connection to nature, pairing the celebration with authentic menus and wines. The great thing about a wine resort is being sure of the farm-to-table approach when it comes to everything served. Since almost everything is readily available on farms, couples can have the best quality farm to table cuisine and excellent fresh produce. Most importantly, they will never fear running out of wine during the entire celebration. The guests definitely love this aspect!


Anniversaries are a great excuse for couples to return to the place where their ‘ever after’ started. People can visit the winery anytime they want, whether for a full party or a simple wine tasting or celebratory meal. Couples can reminisce about their wedding amidst the vines while harvesting grapes or tasting wine. What a meaningful yet comfortable way to ensure that your anniversaries are always something special!

If you plan to have a winery wedding, make sure to visit the Events’ page for all the details you need in order to have that perfect celebration of love in this Portuguese wine estate.