When and where to plan a vineyard wedding in the south of Portugal

A vineyard wedding is always a good idea. Whether indoors or outdoors, a winery wedding in the south of Portugal is something every couple dreams of. This dreamy region offers rolling hills of vines, a beautiful climate and eternal sunshine – the ticket for a perfect, dreamy vineyard wedding day. To elevate the experience, many couples choose the Quintas in the countryside due to their seamless festiveness, effortless elegance and premium wine.

For those wishing for an unforgetable, once in a lifetime experience, Quinta dos Vales is definitely a choice they should consider.

The weather and when to book your wedding

The incredibly agreeable climate of the Algarve, offering an astounding 300 days of sunshine throughout the year, along with the warm, refreshing breath of the Atlantic will surely make couples fall in love with a magnificent wine estate and make them want to book their Portugal wedding here.

When it comes to the best time – it is pleasant all year round. However, if couples aren’t fond of a bit chillier weather, it would be best to avoid the winters.

Why Quinta dos Vales?

Providing a unique blend of romance, elegance and contemporary flair in the south of Portugal, this wine estate is considered to be one of the most beautiful venues in the region. With a wide variety of amenities, guest accommodation villas, exquisite menu, long lists of fine wines, endless choices of delicious platters of cheese and many magnificent sites where a couple can celebrate and exchange their vows, their dedicated team works diligently to realise any vision. With novelty in winemaking, they also offer the opportunity for newlyweds to make their own wine.


Indoor and Outdoor options for the Ceremony and Reception

The ceremony is one of the most meaningful moments of a wedding celebration, so a couple has to be extra careful when choosing the location. If they decide to have a vineyard wedding, this venue offers many spaces where they can tie the knot with their partner – both indoor and outdoor.

All of the venues are surrounded by endless, vineyard-contoured slopes making it the perfect backdrop for any celebration or family gathering. They can opt for a romantic wedding reception under the stars in many covered panoramic terraces all looking over the vineyards.

The garden of sculptures

Having a vineyard wedding at this farm will give couples the chance to have a stroll at the beautiful Sculpture Garden. This amazing garden is just perfect for artistic, musical, or literary events and also a nice entrance for a wedding ceremony.

Panoramic terrace

For couples planning on celebrating their love for one another at the vineyards but afraid to do it out in the wide-open sky, there are also other options available. This venue has a covered terrace available for booking, so the guests can enjoy the breathtaking views of the rolling hills and have a weather-proof vineyard wedding reception.

According to their management team, the terrace can accommodate up to 120 guests. It has the most perfect location right up next to the tasting room, which has all the facilities for the catering team to use. Also, they suggest checking the grand stone table, suitable for smaller events like birthday celebrations or smaller weddings.

The large central area can easily be adjusted to accommodate all kinds of events and celebrations. It looks absolutely marvellous at night when it’s illuminated and shines with all its glimmer.


The wine

Being one of the most popular and beautiful wineries, the winery is well-known for its award-winning wine. After all, having a Portugal wedding means enjoying exquisite wines, mesmerising ambience, delicious food, and an incredible overall wedding experience.

Average annual production of 150,000 bottles per year, makes this wine producer one of the most fruitful wineries in this region and in Portugal. Grape varieties at the estate (eg Syrah, Viognier and Cabernet Sauvignon), allow for plenty of different blends and combinations as well as monovarietal wines. Castelão, a traditional blend, is used in white, red and in rosé wines due to its incredible versatility.

Marquês dos Vales is one of the finest blends along with the second brand – DIALOG. Designed especially for food-and-wine pairings, the two brands testify to the quality of the winery. All the labels on the bottles are representations of Karl Heinz Stock’s art, as the combination of wine and art is a recurring theme throughout the estate.


Turn wedding day into a vacation

To make the most out of their wedding, the newlyweds can continue their stay and make it into a honeymoon or a vacation. The always sunny Algarve region is the perfect spot for both having a wedding and vacation at the same time. Also, at this wine estate couples get a rare chance to create their own premium barrel of wine, custom made by their requirements and desires, a truly amazing and one of a kind experience that they will surely not forget.

Couples who wish to have a vineyard wedding at the Quinta dos Vales can learn more by visiting their wedding section.


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