Quinta dos Vales was featured in Portugal Resident’s article “What separates the Good from the Great?”.

” (…) It is not difficult to see that creating a truly high quality wine is a complex and time-consuming business involving many elements, but there are producers in the Algarve who have made in the last years their mark on the Portuguese wine market. Among these is Quinta dos Vales, located in Estombar, Lagoa who was awarded 8 times in the last 11 years with the title “Best Wine of the Algarve” in local and national competitions. It is also this winery which surprises always with new offers and products, namely “The Vines”, the first buy-to-let wine-resort in the Algarve, embedded in the middle of vineyards, or recently “The Winemaker Experience” which sees wine-lovers to become authentic wine-makers, each of them with their own little vineyard.”

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