Having fun in the Algarve

While some may travel to the Algarve to enjoy the warm weather, beautiful beaches and coastline, explore the region’s culture and history and relax, some may want to dive into more unusual activities. The Algarve is also a great place to visit if you are looking to have some fun!

10 fun activities to do in the Algarve

1 –  Caving: Caves can be found all over the Algarve, and they are a wonderful place to explore. The Algarve is home to the Large Caves of Carvoeiro. These caves are located in an old quarry that is now an open-air swimming pool. Some of the caves at Carvoeiro are still being explored, but there are several already accessible for tourists to visit.

2 – Diving: The Algarve is home to some great dive sites, particularly along the coast near Sagres and Tavira. There are also a few wreck diving sites in this area, including the SS Tresor. The SS Tresor is a ship that was sunk in 1942 by the British navy. It is now a great place to dive, and it is also home to a large number of marine life.



3 – Paragliding: One of the most unusual activities to do in the Algarve is paragliding. This involves flying with an inflatable wing. It is a fun activity that can give you some incredible views of the surrounding area.

4 – Quad Biking: There are several places in the Algarve where you can rent a quad bike and go off-roading on your own or with a group of friends. This is an activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and it is a lot of fun.

5 – Dune Buggying: Dune buggies are another option for off-roading in the Algarve. The dunes near Lagos are fun to explore by dune buggy, and you can even take a dune buggy out onto the beach at low tide.




6 – Hiking: The Algarve has dozens of great hiking trails. The area around Sagres is home to some excellent hiking trails that take you through beautiful scenery, including the cliffs and rock formations that are a feature of this area.

7 – Windsurfing: The Algarve has some great windsurfing locations, particularly near Sagres.The winds here are strong and steady, and there are many good windsurfing schools in the area.

8 – Water Sports: Numerous water sports can be enjoyed in the Algarve, including kite surfing and water skiing. There is also a lot of fun to be had on the beach, with activities like sand boarding and sand yachting.




9 – Horse Riding: Another unusual activity to do in the Algarve is horse riding. Several stables offer horseback riding tours of the area. This is a great way to explore the area, and it is also a lot of fun.

10 – Winemaking: Learn all about making wine in an Algarve vineyard and become a Private Winemaker in a Wine Estate. Produce your own blend of wine and have fun sharing it with friends!




Winemaking at Quinta dos Vales

Quinta dos Vales invites you to become a winemaker with The Winemaker Experience  – a hands-on project, that aims to turn wine lovers into genuine winemakers, each with a privately owned vineyard in the South of Portugal. Basically, what Quinta dos Vales offers is to guide participants through the whole wine production process, offering them their winery and consultancy, but encouraging them to make their very own wine, to their own preferences.

Purchasing a vineyard parcel which is integrated into an award-winning winery is definitely a creative solution, you get a dual benefit; full control of your own wine production to whichever extent you desire, but without the responsibility of having to run a winery. The vineyard parcels are adjusted in size so that the average annual grape yield corresponds to a barrel of wine, 225 litres. This volume is the crucial point in the project, as it allows the experience to be completely carefree, as participants do not need to worry about having to sell their wine, while also being authentic.

Learn all about the amazing project on Quinta dos Vales’ website.



This text was originally published in: Portugal Resident