Portugal is the source of extraordinary wine, and its winemaking traditions go deep. From the steep vineyards in the Douro Valley to the sunny vineyards in the Algarve, Portugal is home to passionate winemakers that have tended the country’s vineyards for generations.

There’s no doubt that grape growers and winemakers in Portugal take great pride in crafting the awe-inspiring wines that have made the Iberian country famous. Well, now you can join the ranks of Portuguese winemakers. Quinta Dos Vales, the most awarded winery in the Portuguese region of Algarve, has recently launched the opportunity for wine lovers to make wine from vine to bottle in its illustrious estate.

The Winemaker Experience is an exciting journey that will take you on a life-changing odyssey. Choose the grape varieties, watch the grapes grow, be part of the harvest, follow the fermentation and barrel ageing, and finally blend the wine — your wine, your rules.

With the help of the talented winemaking team at Quinta Dos Vales, you can finally take the next step and go from wine-lover to wine-maker in this unique experience that will give you the reins over your winemaking destiny. Read on and find out more about this extraordinary experience.

Are you ready to become a winemaker?


Become a part of the rich winemaking history of Portugal

In Portugal the Ancient Romans found a true paradise for growing grapevines. The narrow valleys and steep slopes, the high mountains and the expansive coasts blessed by the Atlantic. The arid flatlands and fertile river benches, Portugal is a synonym for diverse terroir.

Portugal remained a prime source for quality viticulture during the Middle Ages, and by the mid-19th-century the country’s wine was all the craze around the known world. Wars were fought, and entire empires were built around Portugal’s wine fame. Portuguese wine fuelled the independence of New World colonies and played a role in developing the modern international wine industry.

The world of wine would simply not be the same without Portuguese wine. Along with the French, Italian, Spanish and German wines, Portugal is a cornerstone of the world’s wine trade.

Now, with Quinta dos Vales’ Winemaking Experience, you can become a part of Portuguese history and help guide the country’s wine into a bright future. The opportunity to own a vineyard and have access to state-of-the-art winemaking facilities is extraordinary already. That your experience takes place in the sunny Algarve makes it even more special.


Take every decision yourself, vine to bottle

An honest Wine is made in the vineyards, not in the winery. With this in mind, Quinta dos Vales has designed a unique winemaking experience that allows you to rent or buy a vineyard planted with grown, fruit-yielding vines, tended by the expert team at the leading winery in the Algarve. You can’t ask for better consultants — the team knows the region like the back of their hands and have established this with an ever-growing list of medals, awards and distinctions.

Participants select the grape variety they wish to work with, they participate in the harvest, take part in the vinification process and finally assemble the ultimate blend themselves, to guarantee that the final wine is perfectly structured to their taste. They even have complete freedom in regards to the wine’s ageing process, with any of the barrels in Quinta Dos Vales’ premium cellar at their disposal.

Making wine is a profoundly passionate endeavour but also requires great skill. Of course, with a world-class team on your side and such a generous terroir, you can only expect greatness. The experience alone is a fantastic learning opportunity!

Take the next step in your wine appreciation and truly unfold your passion, by going from wine-lover to wine-maker. Quinta dos Vales also offers turn-key holiday-homes, where burgeoning winemakers can stay while producing their own wines. A brand-new resort in the middle of vineyards, aptly named The Vines – Wine Resort, is available to rent or even to purchase.


Your Plot, Your Barrel, Your Bottles, truly Your Wine

Whether you purchase a vineyard from the extraordinary Quinta Dos Vales estate and work the land from grape to bottle, or you prefer to take part in the estate’s Barrel Blending Experience, you’ll have more than a few bottles to take home.

A single oak barrel holds 225 litres of wine — that’s 300 bottles of your very own red or white wine. Now, give your wine some personality, choose a name and label — this is your hard work, but satisfying as you can turn your vision into reality.

The Winemaker Experience by Quinta Dos Vales is a tailored experience, completely customisable to fulfil your winemaking dreams, schedule and needs. Be as involved as you want, whether that’s on-site or remotely.

At the end of the day, making your own wine is a life-changing experience that will give you a unique insight into the intricacies that make winemaking both a science as well as an art form. You’ll never see wine in the same way, and you’ll forever be known as an authentic winemaker. You can’t put a price on that.

To know more, contact Quinta Dos Vales (www.quintadosvales.pt) and inquire about The Winemaker Experience and The Bottle Blending Workshop. There’s no better time than now to pursuit your winemaking dreams!