Portugal is renowned for its rich culinary heritage, characterized by diverse flavours and traditional dishes that have stood the test of time.

To fully savour the essence of Portuguese cuisine, one must not overlook the importance of wine pairings. Quinta dos Vales, a prestigious winery in the Algarve region of Portugal, offers a selection of exceptional wines that perfectly complement the vibrant flavours of traditional Portuguese dishes. Let’s explore some of the best wine pairings that Quinta dos Vales has to offer, allowing you to indulge in a truly unforgettable dining experience.



Bacalhau à Brás (Salted Cod)

Bacalhau à Brás is a beloved Portuguese dish made with salted cod, onions, eggs, and thinly sliced potatoes. This flavourful combination calls for a wine that can balance the richness of the dish while adding a refreshing touch. Dialog Verdelho, a white wine with its crisp acidity and citrus notes, harmonizes beautifully with the delicate flavours of the cod, enhancing the overall experience.



Feijoada (Bean Stew)

Feijoada is a hearty bean stew made with various meats, including pork, beef, and chorizo. This robust and flavourful dish pairs wonderfully with Quinta dos Vales’ Grace Vineyard Red. The wine’s full-bodied nature, combined with its ripe dark fruit flavours and hints of spice, complements the richness and complexity of the feijoada, creating a harmonious union of flavours.



Caldo Verde (Kale Soup)

Caldo Verde is a classic Portuguese soup consisting of kale, potatoes, onions, and slices of smoked sausage. This comforting dish calls for a wine that adds a touch of freshness and lightness to balance the earthy flavours. Quinta dos Vales’ Duo White,  a vibrant and aromatic white wine, offers a perfect pairing. Its crisp acidity and tropical fruit undertones elevate the flavours of the soup, creating a delightful contrast.




Arroz de Pato (Duck Rice)

Arroz de Pato, or duck rice, is a traditional Portuguese dish where succulent pieces of duck are cooked with rice and seasoned with fragrant herbs. Quinta dos Vales’ Grace Touriga Nacional, a bold and expressive red wine, is an excellent choice for this rich and savoury dish. With its robust tannins, dark fruit flavours, and hints of spices, it complements the robustness of the duck while adding depth and complexity to the overall dining experience.



Pastéis de Nata (Portuguese Custard Tarts)

No exploration of Portuguese cuisine would be complete without indulging in the famous Pastéis de Nata, delectable custard tarts with a crisp pastry shell. To accompany these sweet treats, Quinta dos Vales’ Touriga Nacional  Licoroso is a perfect match. This fortified dessert wine boasts aromatic notes of dried fruits like raisins and figs, harmonizing beautifully with the creamy custard filling and providing a luscious finale to your meal.



Quinta dos Vales wines offer an exceptional selection that perfectly complements the diverse flavours of traditional Portuguese cuisine. Whether you’re indulging in the richness of Bacalhau à Brás, the heartiness of Feijoada, the comfort of Caldo Verde, the savoury delight of Arroz de Pato, or the sweetness of Pastéis de Nata, Quinta dos Vales has a wine that will elevate your dining experience. From their Verdelho to the bold Touriga Nacional, each wine offers unique characteristics that harmonize with the flavours of the dish, enhancing the overall enjoyment of your meal. So, raise a glass of Quinta dos Vales wine, toast to the vibrant flavours of Portuguese cuisine, and savour the perfect pairing that awaits you.


This article was originally published in Portugal Resident