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Kissing Hyppos

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Colour: Red | Vermelho | Rot
Size: S
Material: Ceramic | Cerâmica | Keramic
Animals are often used in art as metaphor for humans. Through the beauty and complexity of animals we are able to see ourselves more clearly. The design of the sculptures is based on the careful balance between the animal's inner and outer nature, keeping the anatomy as abstract as possible.
All sculptures are a three dimensional expression of emotion, joy, and joie de vivre. Whether interpreted through a dance or through a kiss; all sculptures float around the same theme proactively transmitted by the usage of a dancing cow, acrobatic and kissing Hippos or even a posing frog. The purpose is to catch the viewer's eye and linger on it.
Material: Ceramic
Colour: Red
Dimensions (HxWxD): 25 x 32 x 25 cm
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