Vineyard wedding in Portugal: what you need to know

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A wedding is a celebration of two people being united in marriage. Customs and traditions vary between different cultures, religions and social groups. However grand or small, a wedding is a lovely reminder of what makes the world go round – love.

A destination vineyard wedding is the dream of many couples due to the rustic yet effortlessly elegant vibe that the vines give off, the freshness of the air and the romanticism that simply infuses the senses. However, couples that are planning to exchange vows in a vineyard in Portugal have many things to consider before saving the date.



How should a destination vineyard wedding look like?

There’s no one magic formula that works every time. In most cases, the bride and groom are the protagonists of their own love story, so it’s usually up to them to have the final word when it comes to deciding about the big things such as the venue, theme, menu, drinks, band, music, cake, decorations, etc. Vineyards allow couples to be creative with their themes and tailor the setting to their desired image.


What should couples take into consideration?

Whether couples decide to have a small casual gathering of friends and family or choose to organise a big, traditional wedding, there are a few things they should consider when planning a destination vineyard wedding in Portugal:

Finding the perfect spot

Quinta dos Vales wedding venue is the first thing that comes to mind when most people are considering having a vineyard wedding. Here’s why:

  • Multiple affordable flight connections

The flight routes to Portugal are now really affordable, starting from prices such as 20 euros per ticket. There are also some last minute deals that many tourist agencies offer.  Algarve, the pearl of the South of Portugal, has been a very desired route in the last couple of years. Affordable flights to this very up and coming destination are now made available and visitors can easily compare the prices.

  • Affordable wedding prices

Destination wedding Portugal offers a wide range of activities for newlyweds and their guests at various prices suitable for anyone’s pocket. A lot of people usually think vineyard weddings cost a fortune due to how glamorous they look, but that’s rarely the case.

It all depends on how much the couple is willing to invest – it usually depends on the number of guests. Furthermore, there are factors such as the wine chart that they’ll choose, the menu that they’ll pick, etc.

  • Picture perfect weather

With 300 days of enchanting sunshine, The Algarve region promises guaranteed perfect weather for any kind of celebration.

  • Entertainment

Couples needn’t worry whether their guests will have a good time. This wedding venue offers a large spectrum of fun activities for couples and their guests. Starting from the two swimming pools where they can sunbathe and enjoy a nice, relaxing swim; to the golf, boule, mini-golf and tennis terrains where they can play or watch a game or two. It’s a place where every single detail is thoroughly thought through.

  • Accommodation

With 32 guest suits at their disposal, plus several other villas, couples needn’t worry about their guests’ accommodation during their nuptial affair in this wine estate.



What to wear for your destination vineyard wedding in Portugal

A vineyard wedding does not require a special set of gowns for the bride and the groom, nor for the guests. However, guests have to be careful when choosing their footwear.

The vineyard terrain can sometimes be dusty or uneven, so high heels or open-toed shoes are maybe not the best choice for such scenery. Causal variants are always the first choice when making or partaking in a wedding amongst the vines. Still, when it comes to this wedding venue, there are paved areas which make the choice of footwear a breeze. The bride can wear heels along with a comfy casual pair for the more rugged terrain.

The gown can be as casual or as formal as the bride wants, there’s no best choice here. Whether long lace dresses or jumpsuits, whatever she wears a bride will always be the most beautiful girl in the room.



Fashion experts recommend that the grooms should opt for more earthly tones for their suit, such as dusty grey, and beige or they can also pick the all-time-classic navy blue.

Furthermore, because Algarve is ever sunny and warm, taking the weather into consideration for the choice of design and breathable fabric is definitely recommended.

Do you plan a destination wedding in Algarve? Don’t hesitate to book Quinta dos Vales and enjoy a hassle-free time during your special event.


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