Multifaceted Globes

Karl Heinz Stock’s connection with the world of art has grown organically over time. Even while as he was starting his career in corporate banking, his creative outlet was sculptural art. His development in this world included many changes, re-alignments and overall shifts of focus. Arguably the most profound realization in this development was in identifying his strongest gift. That being as the creator of the canvas, rather than the one who fills that canvas.

With his previous group-projects, Dance of the Bears and Passion, he managed to bring together many different artists, thereby achieving a result that was far more than the sum of its parts. By bringing together such a wide range of creative talent, he was able to visually explain to the audience how different, yet how similar, our viewpoints all are.

And now, with his latest project, the Multifaceted Globes, he takes on this challenge again, of presenting different interpretations, all in one installation. In fact, the Multifaceted Globes take this concept one step further, because of how they are arranged. The globes are purposefully arranged as one installation, so they cannot and should not be interpreted individually. Each globe is one part of the puzzle, similarly to how each one of us is one piece to the puzzle that is humanity.

Imagine a space where the planet Earth could be seen from a few meters away.

What if, as well as being able to see it, we could modify it?

Perhaps we could paint it a brighter color, or draw a familiar face, an animal, a plant, or perhaps a mixture of all of these? Nothing is impossible when it comes to imagination. In the exhibition “Multifaceted Globes”, we can see 15 different painted globes that transport us to the most hidden places on earth.


This huge sculpture-painting which occupies nearly 100 m3 of space focuses on the unity and diversity of our planet among the five continents, not only educating us about the various ways of life but awakening us to the sustainability and global environmental situation through the eyes of 12 multicultural artists who joined Karl Heinz Stock to implement this project. Working with a number of artists is always a big challenge as lastly, one art piece has to be created. However, the most complicated part of this composition was indeed the engineering project.



Conceptually it was a touring exhibition of 15 globes inspired by the five continents focusing on three aspects, its people, nature and characteristics. This project is a depiction of the world, a world which we all share and focuses on the union and diversity of the planet. The painted globes aim to transport us to the most hidden places of this planet, awakening in us thoughts of sustainability and the global environmental situation, through the eyes of 11 multicultural artists.

It was clear to see that every detail of this project has been carefully curated but an installation of this magnitude comes with its challenges. The real challenge has been the engineering. How to erect a free-floating sculpture of such dimensions without the use of machinery.


It took Karl Heinz Stock and the welding artist Heinz Fereghin more than one year to work out the technique and build the stainless-steel structure. They needed 150 to 200 man-hours for transport, assembly, and disassembly, which means they could not afford to have heavy machineries like a forklift or a crane, which would have made the work far easier. This installation, this sculpture is all done by hand, with two-step ladders – that is it, with five people making it happen.


the artists

The most prominent of the artists is the now 92-year-old Franco Charais, an April revolutionary and former Lieutenant General of the Portuguese Army and one of the founding fathers of Portugal's democracy, who turned after his career in politics into an artist. The other 10 fantastic local artists are: