Finding the perfect venue

There is one thing you absolutely cannot skip while planning a wedding: a venue. Almost every component of a wedding is optional, from donning a suit instead of a frock coat to skipping the flowers or the wedding cake. But even if you’re planning a small wedding, you still need a place for your friends and family to congregate and celebrate.

Finding the ideal location, however, is difficult. Whether you’re searching for a gorgeous barn, an exquisite ballroom, a warm restaurant, or a peaceful stretch of beach, there are tons of possibilities available. The most important thing is that you choose a venue that aligns with your vision.



Romantic outdoor weddings

For explorers and nature lovers, having an outdoor wedding is a dream come true. Joining it with the possibility of having that special day surrounded by vineyards, nature and good warm weather is a fantasy fulfilled.

The warm climate of the Algarve with its over 300 days of sunshine every year, combined with the light breeze from the ocean that washes over it, makes it the perfect choice for an outdoor wedding destination, especially in this peaceful corner of paradise, set in the middle of one of Portugal’s most beautiful regions. Quinta dos Vales is a well-established winery, known for its award-winning  wines  and unique sculptures scattered around the whole estate, guaranteeing a unique scenery for  an unforgettable wedding.



The ceremony  is  perhaps  the most meaningful moment of a wedding celebration, making the choice of location a very important decision. The wine estate has  several  venues for the couple to choose from, all of them surrounded by endless, vineyard-contoured slopes that act as the perfect backdrop for a special event of any size, be it a celebration under the stars at one of the outdoor spaces or on a covered panoramic terrace, overlooking the vineyards.



Getting the details just right

Having had a lot of experience with wedding planning, Quinta dos Vales has everything needed to make the event a success. Our on-site team has made sure that all the essentials are covered – from venue rental, food, drinks and catering service to having plenty of space for a band or a DJ setup for the guests to dance the night away.

To make the experience even fuller, it is the perfect opportunity to turn the wedding into a short vacation in the always-sunny

 Algarve for the guests, or simply choose to  spend the wedding night in one of the units located only a few steps away from the party.



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