The Algarve is a region that is known for its charming towns, delicious cuisine, beautiful coastline, amazing golden beaches, and especially for its warm and cozy weather– but also for its wine production.

If you love wine and are planning to visit Portugal then you’ll have to visit the wineries in the region. Book a tour and enjoy the many perks the wineries have to offer – from the tasting of wines, regional cheeses, and charcuteries to learning how to make wine and even making your own bottle and barrel

If you wish to up the ante you can even stay in a Wine Estate – either for a short or a long term. At Quinta dos Vales, you can join the passion for wine with the experience of staying in a resort inside a 44-hectare vineyard.



The Vines Resort

Placed in the heart of an Algarve vineyard is The Vines Resort  – a brand-new resort of holiday homes with picturesque views of seemingly endless nature and vines.

The Vines is made up of 16 stand-alone houses, each comprising 2 independent villa suites. The balance of interior to exterior areas is ideally suited to the concept of vacation homes, as holiday-makers in the Algarve tend to spend the majority of their time outside. Each villa suite features one bedroom, a bathroom with a walk-in shower, an open plan kitchen and living room, as well as a private terrace, adjacent to a cozy private relaxation area. From these terraces, you can enjoy unobstructed views of the olive trees planted in front of the villas as well as the stunning vineyards as a backdrop.

The buildings have been positioned in a way to offer both sun as well as shade options within the relaxation areas. The living rooms of the Premium Villa Suites are equipped with a fold-out couch, thereby converting them into a second bedroom.



Long-term rentals

The ideal treat for any wine-lover – to be able to call an Algarve wine estate “home” for a few months. Quinta dos Vales offers a wide array of different rental properties, which are also ideally suited for longer stays. This means you’ll be able to enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside and be integrated into a 44-hectare wine estate with extensive amenities and even a fiber-optic internet connection. At Quinta dos Vales these modern comforts are contrasted with the rustic surroundings of vineyards, ancient olive trees, wildlife, and open spaces.

Either be it an apartment or a villa, you have a few options available for rental for a summer, winter, or even for an entire year. Whether you are retired or simply taking a break from work, if your commitments allow it, a prolonged stay in the Algarve will be

so much more fulfilling than a quick beach holiday. Just ask the huge community of expats found all across the Algarve, the longer you stay, the more you fall in love.



Amenities and activities to enjoy

While in the Estate you can be sure you’ll have fun. Not only will you have a lot of wine to enjoy but also some fun activities to explore. Being a winery, their main focus naturally lies in wine-related activities, ranging from solo wine tastings to in-depth workshops, which teach you how to blend your own wine. On top of that, they also offer a wide range of on-site sports activities available. The Estate has courts for tennis, mini golf, padel tennis, boules, volleyball, and also outdoor swimming pools.

Your stay at Quinta dos Vales can be action-packed or the epitome of peace and quiet, it’s all up to you.



For the adventurers among you, who would like to discover more about winemaking, the Estate even has an amazing project that turns wine-lovers into wine-makers. The Winemaker Experience is an amazingly fun and original program that offers to guide participants through the full wine-production process, offering them their vineyard parcel, together with the Estate’s winery and consultancy, but encouraging them to make their very own wine, to their own preferences.

You can learn all about the program here.


This article was originally published in: Portugal Resident