Portugal considered the best country in the world to digital nomads

It has become not only a necessity due to the successive confinements but also the favourite option of many. Many people have also taken advantage of this paradigm shift to change countries without changing jobs. Those who decided to settle across borders considered several factors, such as the quality of life and the amenities of the destination. A new study by travel website Momondo has revealed the best countries in the world to work remotely, and Portugal is at the top of the list.
To draw up this index, the platform analysed 111 states and ranked them based on 22 factors, spread across six categories: cost of travel and accessibility; local prices; health and safety; remote working conditions; social life and, of course, the climate. The countries where it is easier to combine remote work with leisure during free time scored highest on these factors.

Algarve is the best place Digital Nomads
Portugal was ranked as the best country in the world for remote work, with high scores in all categories including climate, social life, low crime rate and relatively affordable cost of living…(the) country also offers a visa for digital nomads, and many inhabitants understand and/or speak English to a high level – a strong point for immigrants.

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