Whether you are looking to find some entertainment for yourself or for your friends and family, look no further, you are at the right place. We made sure to have something interesting to offer to everybody, regardless of which age group they belong to. Whether you are looking for entertainment, informative workshops or simply a sip of wine, name it and we have it.

We created a wide spectrum of both entertaining and informative tastings as well as workshops, which are open to the public. You need not be an accommodation guest to participate and get a taste of what Quinta dos Vales is all about.

Being a winery, our main focus naturally lies in wine-related activities, ranging from solo wine tastings to in-depth workshops, which teach you how to blend your own wine.

On top of that we also offer exciting workshops outside of the wine world, since the Algarve has much more to offer than what meets the eye. To create this experience, we partnered with craftsmen and artists from all over the Algarve, which regularly offer workshops and give you an insight into their area of ​​expertise, right here at Quinta dos Vales.

We strive to cater all our accommodation guests’ preferences. For those, who enjoy a relaxing holiday, but like to throw in some physical exercise we have a wide range of on-site sport activities available. We have tennis, mini golf, paddle tennis and many more, which you can explore. For the adventurers among you, who would like to discover what lies beyond our estate, we have selected a variety of activities under the motto “Discover the Algarve”.



For spontaneous visitors we have a wide selection of our wines available for tasting. This option does not require any booking, just drop by, choose the tasting you prefer and enjoy. Should you need any help with the decision making, our team will be happy to advise you. You will then be able to compare the tasting notes which we have prepared for you with your own observations and let us know after the tasting which wines you preferred. You may sip your wine on the panoramic terrace, overlooking our sun-kissed vineyards, or stroll with your glass of wine through our sculpture gardens. The choice is yours!



To get a real taste of the award winning wines produced at our estate, it is advisable to take a tour behind the scenes!

Take a peek at our winery, where an experienced team member will disclose most of the secrets of the wine production, followed by a tour of the barrel cellar, where our red wines age and improve over a period of up to 12 months.

However, Quinta dos Vales has much more to offer than just its wine, so you might decide to take a stroll through our picturesque gardens full of sculptures, where Art and Wine exists in a perfect symbiosis.

Our wine tasting aims to educate wine enthusiasts in an easy, fun and educational way, tailored not only to individuals, but to groups of all sizes. One of our experts will start the tour with a brief introduction of the wine scene in Portugal, specifying which varieties are used in the region and at the Quinta; This will be followed by a tour to the winery, where the transformation of the fruit into delicious wine takes place, with a detailed explanation of when, how and where all the stages happen.

You will be able to visit our barrel cellar, where our precious liquid ages in oak barrels, carefully chosen by age and origin of the oak, aligned with the wine evolution, or oenologist is targeting for. The last part of the experience is a commented tasting session, where guests will experience and learn how we taste our wines to take in all the flavor and aromas, learn about each wine, their differences and on how to pair them with food.

There is always something different happening across the year, new wines being released, and this is the reason why some of our visitors choose to pass by a few times a year.

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Learn the art and science of wine blending in a 3-hour workshop, where you start as a novice in the vineyards and end as an “expert” with a bottle of wine that you blended yourself!

During this unique experience you will have all the required equipment and guidance at your disposal, which will allow you to master the challenge of creating your own blend.

The Bottle Blending Workshop is the introductory step of our ‘The Winemaker Experience’, which gives you the opportunity to go from a wine-lover to a real wine-maker.

The workshop starts with a tour to the winery, for a first-hand look at the winemaking process. You will be given access and information on how our wines are made, how to become a winemaker at our facilities and the necessary tools to do so.

The visit to our barrel cellar will give you more insight into the wine aging process. We will explain the importance of choosing the right origin and age of the oak barrel and the effect this choice will have on the development of the wine.

As we make our way to the tasting room, you will walk among the vineyards, where your guide will give you all the insights on why these specific grape varieties were chosen, how they were planted and kept, the cycle of the vine, essentially what makes our grapes the raw material of the best quality for us to be able to produce the award-winning wine we are so proud of.

Once in the tasting room, guests will be presented with an equipment kit, a selection of young wines for tasting, comparison and analysis, accompanied by some delicious cheeses, cured meats and other local snacks to savor during the workshop.

When you have achieved your favorite personal blend, you will then label, cork and seal your personal wine bottle yourself and take it home that very day!

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Enjoy a truly unique gastronomic experience with your friends and family with a 3-course menu paired perfectly with our amazing wines, with your friends or family. This is best enjoyed on our panoramic terrace, which provides the best view of our sculptures and the vineyards. This experience may start with a tour of the winery and wine cellar, with a further stroll through our estate, where you can marvel at our numerous sculptures and vineyards. The total size of the estate is, roughly, 45 hectares, so there is a lot to see in art, agriculture and wildlife!

Activity subject to availability and for a minimum group of 15 people. The activity must be booked at least one week in advance.


The Algarve has a lot of gems which are waiting to be discovered. You probably know that the Moors ruled the Algarve for nearly 500 years and even gave it its name Al-Gharb, which means ‘the west’, as it was the westernmost possession of their empire. If you want to find out more, we will help you identify the right guide. Should you aim for more adventurous areas, be it rock climbing, canoeing, coasteering or just relaxed riding or mountain biking, we have the right contacts for you. We are happy to share our local knowledge, see below our recommendations.