Luxury hobbies to indulge in

A hobby can be any diversion or sporting action that is pleasant as well as eases pressure. Because exercise enhances one’s life, many people end up dedicating their entire lives to their hobbies. You also improve your mental and physical health while also acquiring new skills. And what better way to exercise than by engaging in expensive hobbies?



When you’ve got some disposable income you can diversify your daily routine with a few choice hobbies, such as:

  • Mountain Climbing
  • Skiing
  • Sailing
  • Horseback riding
  • Car collecting
  • Art collecting
  • Winemaking

Depending on your preference, you can indulge in so many different hobbies that the hard thing will be choosing which one (or ones) to pursue. But  Quinta dos Vales  in the Algarve (Portugal) has made sure you can experience a truly unique hobby in an extraordinary setting – making your own wine in a sunny vineyard in the heart of the Western Algarve.



Winemaking in the Algarve

Which true wine lover hasn’t dreamt of making their own wine?

Quinta dos Vales invites you to become a winemaker yourself with The Winemaker Experience  – a hands-on project, which aims to turn wine lovers into genuine winemakers, each with a privately owned vineyard in the South of  Portugal. Basically, what Quinta dos Vales offers is to guide participants through the full wine production process, offering them their winery and consultancy, but encouraging them to make their very own wine, to their own preferences. This ensures that  the private winemakers take their decisions based on the same information as the Estate does, the only differences being volume and the fact that they can do so completely carefree.



You choose the variety, when to harvest, the blend, basically, you choose everything.

Purchasing a vineyard parcel which is integrated into an award-winning winery is definitely a creative solution, you get a dual benefit: full control of your own wine production to whichever extent you desire, but without the responsibility of having to run a winery. The vineyard parcels are adjusted in size so that the average annual grape yield corresponds to a barrel of wine, 225 litres. This volume is the crucial point in the project, as it allows the experience to be completely carefree, as participants do not need to worry about having to sell their wine, while also being authentic.



The dream

The Estate’s goal is to make this dream come true: turning a hobby into a fun activity that brings pleasure and is – oh so – useful. The wine made at the Estate by the Private Winemaker becomes theirs to do with whatever they wish – whether you then consume the wine yourself, gift them as Christmas presents or share them with business contacts, what is more special than a wine that you produced and blended in person?

Learn all about the amazing project on Quinta dos Vales’ website.



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