Although Quinta dos Vales is already a complex blend of wine, art and accommodation, there’s much more that goes into making it the resort it is today. One of these things being the various activities offered to our guests, to make their stay as personalized and memorable as possible. Over the years we have continued to broaden our horizon in this aspect, so that our guests have the opportunity to create their perfect holiday. Your stay at Quinta dos Vales can be action-packed or the epitome of peace and quiet, it’s all up to you.

Both sport as well as leisure activities are wide-ranging. On the one hand we have a diverse assortment of sport courts for the sport enthusiasts. One of these being the recently introduced adjustable net system for our tennis court, with the raising and lowering of the net allowing you to switch from one sport to another in just a few swift moves. So now, on the tennis court alone, you have the choice to play tennis, volleyball, badminton or even football tennis. On the other hand, if if observing nature or an art exhibition with a glass of wine in hand sound more appealing to you, then you are in good hands here.



Our artificial-grass tennis court is ideal for friendly play or even a competitive tournament, both of which have been hosted here before. As previously mentioned in the introduction, there is also the opportunity to play a game of tennis in the morning and swap to a round of volleyball with a group of friends in the afternoon. All of this can be done without leaving the court, since it can be converted in mere minutes. Just speak to our on-site team about borrowing the equipment.



This new sport alternative is taking the world by storm. Paddle tennis is a surprisingly intense exercise, but also a lot of fun! The court might be significantly smaller than a tennis court, but this notably increases the speed of the game, which makes it a high cardio workout, that trains both body and mind. The game is perfect for both beginners as well as more advanced players. Since there are smaller rackets in play than in regular tennis, it makes it far easier to maintain ball contact in the beginning stages. Nonetheless it is a demanding game, especially once one gets the hang of it.



The Algarve is known for its various impressive golf courses, so we clearly had to add a Mini-Golf area to our estate. Our course is set up as 9 individual holes, so while it looks like a mini-golf set-up, the greens are absolutely of putting-quality. Meaning that this putting experience is ideal for amateurs and professionals alike.



All a game of boules requires is a pit and the equipment, both of which we have, and to top it all off it is fun for the whole family. We have designed it as a conveniently large space, covering 12 by 3m, which makes it perfect for entertaining private competitions. It is located within the Mini-Golf / Putting Green area and the Paddle Tennis court, which ensures that no minute of boredom should arise. By the way: it becomes even more fun when paired with a glass, or two, of wine.



We have multiple swimming pools across the estate, for when you feel like taking a dip under the warm Portuguese sun. The most popular and main one is set adjacent to our ancient well beside the Sculpture Garden, with the Playground for the kids close by. Our guests in Casa Margarida have access to a small private pool, also set above an ancient well, which has an interesting story to tell! In addition to this our main house Four Seasons is conveniently also equipped with a small private pool, which can be heated on demand. Last but certainly not least our guests of The Vines have the choice between a small pool with year-round heating and a larger one for cooling down.



It is commonly known that one of the best ways to explore a new place is by foot or bike, and this is certainly the case for both our estate and the Algarve as whole. This way you get to dive into the nature and wildlife as well as the Portuguese culture. The estate itself spans over 44-hectares, so it’s unlikely even for the most ambitious of cyclists to run out of track. We recommend you use a mountain bike for cycling on the terrain, since the roads are prepared for agriculture purposes and therefore kept in a rather rustic state! Not interfering much with nature is how we ensure a varied wildlife, which you have the opportunity to explore during your rides.

Please contact our reception to borrow the equipment.



Wine tastings & activities

Wine is our passion, one which we aim to share with all our visitors. We have created a wide spectrum of both entertaining and informative tastings and workshops, starting from a solo wine tasting for yourself and your friends up to a three-hour long Bottle Blending Workshop, in which you learn to blend your own wine and some of the secrets of winemaking. Find out more about the various activities we offer.



The warm climate in the Algarve makes for a perfect atmosphere for all sorts of plants, fruits and vegetables to grow. Across the estate we have an array of fruit trees, from sour lemons and oranges to two orchards of sugar-sweet figs. One variety of the figs is ready to be tasted around May, while the other becomes ripe in September/ October. The mix in ripening stages makes for a fruit filled year. We do not sell these fruits, so please feel free to help yourself to your heart’s content.


Old Olive Tree

After getting to know Quinta dos Vales a little better, you will notice that we are big fans of olive trees. In addition to the existing ones, we have saved more than 100 of these trees from a run-down plantation in central Portugal and planted them on our estate. Olive trees can reach two thousand years old or more, because of how slowly they grow. If this is of interest to you, feel free to discover the north of our property, where you will find huge olive and carob trees. And to make a challenge out of it - try to guess their age! They probably won’t have reached 2.000 years of age yet, but considering their immense trunks many of them are around 1.000 years old.


Art exhibitions

Quinta dos Vales has often been described as the largest open-air art exhibition in the south of Portugal. The majority of the sculptures are those of our owner, Karl Heinz Stock, but not exclusively. If you stroll across the estate you will find sculptures of other artists, as well as numerous collaborations between Karl and other artists, most noticeably the painted sculptures, where he created the sculpture itself, and trusted painters supplied the 3D painting.